How to get your travel passport in Berlin

Maybe you or a friend became a German citizen and want to request the passport for the first time.

Make an appointment

Click this link:

(click here for an English version.)

You can see the requirements and costs. — scroll to the bottom to pick an office and search for appointments.

Go to the appointment

If your appointment is successful, you will get a document.

This document explains that it usually takes four weeks to process.

See the full document in English or German.

Regularly check if the passport is ready

You can check the status of the passport at this website. You need to enter the code from the previous document.

Once it is ready, you can move to the next step.

Make an appointment for pick-up

You should book the service at the same office that you had the initial appointment at.

Pickup the passport

Go to the place, register at the counter if needed, and wait for your number to be called!

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