How to apply for permanent residence (from blue card)

The process for going from blue card to permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) in Berlin isn’t super clear.

This article aims to clear some of those things up!


You can check the requirements here for blue card:

If you have something different, then the requirements might be different: (scroll all the way to the bottom)

Where to get some documents

Old-age provision

You can use this online form and a document will be sent to you via post, normally in a few days. Select Rentenauskunft and your Versicherungsnummer. Don’t konw your Versicherungsnummer, check this guide.

How to prepare documents

It is recommended to combine all your documents into one PDF and send it to them. The file must be smaller than 10 MB. You can use this tool (which I have made) to help you combine your files nicely and add a table of contents.

How to request an appointment

The only way to get an appointment is to send them your documents via contact form or email and wait for them to send for an appointment offer in response.

Now-a-days the contact form is the preferred method. As then the workers have less sorting to do on their end.

Contact Form

Here is the contact form in the original German and here it is translated.

The department you need depends on your nationality.

So for example:

  • people from the USA would use E2 department.
  • people from India would use the E3 department.

So someone from the USA would click “Frage an E 2” and select “Unbefristeter Aufenthaltstitel – Antrag” in the dropdown, fill out the form and attach the documents as we formatted them in the previous section. When you submit your files, you should download the confirmation PDF.


Or you can email them at their department email address, they follow the format of: [department]

Send them an email with your documents formatted as we prepared them in the previous section.

So for example:

  • people from the USA would use
  • people from India would use

If you’re lucky, they will eventually reply:

How long does it take to get a reply?

The amount can vary greatly depending on department, you can enter your information into the contact form response tracking app – so you can see how people ahead of you are being processed.

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